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Art Director + Designer

Brand Strategy

Art Direction

Photography Direction
Graphic + Web Design

Copywriting Support

A freshly updated brand identity that visually represents the company’s core mission and key principles of progression, innovation and growth, showcasing them as thought-leaders within the energy industry. Channels included web, social media, print, public relations, events and email promotions, intranet, apparel, and vehicle graphics. 

Website redesign eliminated messaging overlap for three different audience groups, allowing users to immediately self-identify and select the specific energy-efficiency information that is relevant to them. Site traffic increased 30%. Event attendance also increased by 42% as a result of ongoing strategic digital communications. 


AVA Digital Platinum

AVA Digital Gold

Communicator Gold

Communicator Silver

Creativity International

Davey Silver

Hermes Creative Platinum

Hermes Creative Gold

MarCom Platinum

MarCom Gold


W3 Creative Silver

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