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Sr. Director, Content + Creative


Conceptual Development

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction

Art Direction

Photography Direction

Videography Direction
Editorial Content Strategy

Social Engagement Strategy

Experiential Event Creative 

Interior Design Direction

In1969 the first KinderCare opened its doors and rang its bell. Since that time KinderCare has successfully grown to become America’s largest early childhood education provider, employing over 25,000 teachers + offering childcare across the nation for 180,000 children from 6 weeks to 6 years.


The overarching goal of the KinderCare national rebrand was to showcase this established 50 year old company as the central thought-leaders of early childhood education to increase consideration among millennial families. The creation of this transformative brand experience centers around participation while also connecting with consumers at every touchpoint. This was achieved by leveraging the brand equity in the iconic KinderCare bell tower logo, which was separated into 5 key shapes. This new set of building blocks created the foundation for the visual and verbal identity system which also delivers on the ‘Confidence For Life’ brand positioning.


The new “living brand” approach embodies the educational values of KinderCare while inviting open-ended, imaginative play with a variety of materials, and encourages parents, teachers and students to confidently explore creative expression, co-creation, and have a collective ownership of the brand. Through this democratization of design, the system not only unlocks the magic of KinderCare and deepens the consumer experience, it also flexes infinitely as the brand audience grows and evolves, creating momentum, enabling inclusion, and maintaining brand integrity and consistency through empowerment.


The outcome was an engaging identity system from which everything is built, that is dynamic, alive and full of individualized potential that allows reflects the true essence of what the KinderCare experience is all about. This was activated through both digital, experiential, and in-center creations that bring the living brand to life through participation + leverage a continuous stream of user-generated content (UGC) from both employees and families.

Over 600,000 families inquire annually with KinderCare and consideration improved steadily after the brand launch, leading to increased overall brand health. Corporate website traffic increased 37% after the launch. All KCE social media profile engagement was boosted by 85% within the next 6 months, highlighting record participation by both current and prospective families. Experiential events also saw record attendance.

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